Make up travel essentials

Hello everyoneeee! 🙂 How has it been your weekend?

Today I’m very happy because I’ve just arrived from a weekend out in Zaragoza (a town on the north of Spain). Two friends of mine and me went to visit another of our friends who studies there. We had a really nice time and it was very good for me because it helped me to disconnect after the exams period. We visited the town, we had lunch in a really cool 50’s style american restaurant and we went out to a disco. Oh, I almost forgot we also went to the biggest mall in Spain, I was so excited about it, you can’t imagine how big it is and, of course, I had to buy some things…

So what I wanted to share with you is the make up that I took with me on this little trip. I’m not saying you should necessarly bring make up with you, because the best make up you can wear, is your own smile.

The most essential things that I brought and I can’t live without are my black eye liner, I’m currently using this Essence liquid eye pen and my concealer, which is from Deliplus.

Of course I brought my Bourjois CC cream as I said in my everyday make up post I love it , in fact I just bought a new one. I also brought my Mayballine Baby Lips, I’ve recently discovered it and I haven’t stopped using it since then and the Sephora Rouge Shine in the number 45, it’s a kind of blueberry lipstick and I also used it as blusher, I softly applied it on my cheeks and I blend it a lot.

Finally I took with me the Essence Hello Autum eyebrow kit, as I’m a rebel, instead of using it for the eyebrows I used it as an eye shadow because it has quite a strong packaging so it doesn’t break easily, I used the Essence eye shadow pencil to apply it. For my eye lashes I packed the Prestige black mascara.


What have you done this weekend? Which are you travel essentials?

xoxo Darly





19 thoughts on “Make up travel essentials

  1. i could live without the make up – if somebody forced me. 😉 but i always carry around my Aesop hand balm. i have a very dry skin in general, especially during the winter. i tried so many hand creams before stumbling upon this one that really woks for me and i am not letting it go. ever! 🙂

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  2. Very simple travel essentials. I definitely like 🙂 I also love the simplicity of your make up bag, and the block colours. I also like the Maybelline baby lips. They’re moisturising on my lips and smells good.

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