New year’s eve

New year’s eve is one of my favourite days in the whole year.I start helping my mum cooking dinner, I love to be in the kitchen cooking and being able to enjoy such a nice scent orchestra.

At nine usually my family arrives and we have the most delicious dinner in the world, I’m a food lover and look forward all the year to Christmas dinner. The dinner has a lot of different courses, my favourites ones are young ells, big prawns, lamb and of course dessert. As dessert we have something similar to nougat (my favourite is the one made out of almonds), marzipans and other typical Spanish sweets which I just realised it doesn’t exist a word in English to name them.

At 12 o’clock in Spain is very typical to turn the TV on and listen to “the 12 bell strokes”, in each bell stroke you must eat one grape and make a wish for the new year, it may seem easy but the bell strokes are quite fast so you end up with your mouth full with grapes and having to shout “¡Feliz año nuevo!” (“Happy new year!”). Lest but not last we have a toast with Champagne for the new year and we go out to the balcony to watch the fireworks.


Afterwards I get ready and I go out with my friends to a party in a disco. Every one goes to very well dressed, all the boys wear their suits and all the girls wear party dresses. So I’m going to share with you my last year style which may help you to choose your outfit for tomorrow. Instead of wearing a dress (as I have done all the previous years) I decided to wear my shorts with golden sequins and black t-shirt with some shiny stones next to the neck. I love the the way the sparkles in the t-shirt match with the sparkles from the shorts without being too much, I think these add a more festive/parting look to the outfit. Finally I wore black thermic tights and black boots. What I also love about this look is the way the golden shorts break the total black look, usually when I go out parting in winter I wear black tights and most of my parting dresses are black so I always end up in a total black outfit.


T-shirt: Stradivarius. Shorts: Stradivarius. Boots: Primark.

I also wanted to wish you a very happy new year, I hope you can accomplish all your new year’s resolutions and you have an ever better year than this one.

What’s your favourite thing about new year’s eve? What are you planning to wear?

xoxo Darly






41 thoughts on “New year’s eve

  1. These sequin shorts are so in trend …looks good. I am going out with friends ..I think will wear a dress and layers of necklaces to go with it . You have a wonderful New Year too. Looking forward to more of your wonderful post.. good luck 🙂

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