DIY gift ideas

Last Sunday it was my mum’s birthday and as usual I waited for the last minute to buy her a present. So on Saturday I decided I would go to a clothes store and buy her a nice piece of clothing. I started to look around some shop’s web pages, when I realised anyone could give her that as I present and I wanted to do something special, that she could only get from me. That’s when I come up with these two easy cheap but beautiful ideas. Since Christmas is in four days this may also helpful for the last minute buyers (I add myself in this group).

The memory jar

All you need is an old jar, some permanent sharpies and some paper.

I couldn’t find a beautiful jar around my house so I decided to make it myself. I found a jar of cream and I removed the labels. If they don’t come out easily you can put it in hot water so it’s easier to remove.


Then on one side of the jar I wrote our memories with my best calligraphy. And on the other sideΒ it’s where you get a bit more creative, you can draw something related to that person favourite things. I know my mum is all about the hippie days so that’s why I decided to draw a very colourful flower.



Then you cut you paper in small pieces where you write your favourites memories together it can either be happy memories, emotional memories, travel memories… You’ll find yourself very happy as trying to recall all these special moments that you and the other person have shared together.


Finally just put them in the jar. I decided to also add some coloured sprinkles and put some of my perfume, so if I ever go away and my mum feels a bit lonely she can always read those beautiful memories and smell my scent.



Recreating an old picture

This is an idea I saw in modern family (one of my favourite shows) and I thought it was very funny and nice. So basically all you need to do is take a picture from when you where younger and try to recreate it.

For my it was quite easy because I still live in the same house and I could find my mum’s old dresses. The only struggle was taking the picture because I had nobody to help me and I didn’t have any tripod, so it took me a while to find a good angle. So this is the result (it’s not very good, but she liked it anyway):







Are you planning about making any DIY as a gift this Christmas? Because I’ll love to get new ideas for future years.

xoxo Darly





35 thoughts on “DIY gift ideas

  1. Wow. The picture recreations are freakin’ spot on! Same exact dresses. I think there’s even the same art on the walls. I could never recreate a photo from my childhood with such exactness because too many things have changed.

    How do you think the effectiveness of these recreations would have been altered if you weren’t able to find the same clothes or be in the same places as the original photos?

    Liked by 1 person

    • In my opinion the clothes don’t need to be the same, since they are similar I believe the result will be good. What’s more difficult is recreating the place if you can’t go to the same ones.


  2. You did an awesome job with the picture recreations! The poses, decor, and antique filtering really helped your recent pictures to look as much like your older ones as possible. Such a cute idea done right in DIY version!


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