Girls night out

Yesterday I decided that I needed a rest from my library based life so I went out parting with my friends. Even though I love going out with all my friends, a night out with my best girl friends is always a special thing. We can talk about everything and we will support and advice each other: We vent about our daily life, we talk about boys (lets face, it that always happens in a girls night out), films, music, travels, fashion… And the best part of it is that we spend half of the time giggling.

Anyway I always love going out because dancing is my passion, there’s not a thing I love more than dancing. You can’t even imagine how much time I waste dancing in front of my mirror, but at least it makes me very happy. My mum tells me that I’ve been dancing since I crawled. Although when I’m dancing with my friends in a club, instead of dancing nicely I prefer to dance fooling around because I have much more fun. I don’t want to brag about it but I master all the 80’s freaky dance moves hahaha.

So yesterday first we decided to go to a bar to have some cocktails. Since I was 16 years old and I watched gossip girl I’ve been obsessed with those cocktail glasses, they just look so glamorous.  I decided I wanted a kind of famous cocktail so I had a Margarita. Even though the presentation was beautiful with salt in the edges of the glass and a small slide of lemon in one side, I didn’t like the way it tasted (the reason might be that I don’t drink a lot of alcohol). Anyway I still felt like I was in the upper east side having drinks with my bestis. They had two sexs on the beach (tastes really good) and one bloody mary.


After going to the bar we decided to go to a club to dance and I absolutely had a wonderful time. Since I knew I was going to dance a lot I decided to wear a night out look, not to dress up, but still comfy (of course). I wore black leggings with a long blue shirt on it (this combination is almost like wearing pyjamas) and my pair of black boot that I already showed you in my post crop crop topping. As for my bag I decided to wear my big brown bowling bag with golden details.

leggings: Zara           Shirt: Bershka           Bag: Pull&Bear          Boots: Primark

What do you like doing or wearing when you go out with your friends?

xoxo Darly





12 thoughts on “Girls night out

  1. I was so disappointed in Margaritas too. I tried one a few yes back it reminded me of the smell of oil distiller (It gives a nice look in oil pastels in a fashion drawing but it can stink up a whole studio) or something just chemical-like. I love the bag it’s really cute ^_^

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  2. Simple and comfy still elegant. I wear dress last Saturday GNO with friends. I’m designated driver so I can’t drink any alcohol but my favorite drink is margarita .

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