Kylie Jenner inspired make up

The other day I was at home and I decided to recreate the Kylie Jenner look everyone is talking about. This is not the kind of make up I would wear on an everyday basis, but I believe the eye make up is a really nice choice for a day when you want to get a bit dolled up.

First of all, to be completely honest, I have to say I had no idea who Kylie Jenner was until I started to see a lot of blog posts about her make up. I looked in the internet and then I understood why I didn’t know her: Keeping up with the Kardashians is not showed in Spain (plus I’m not a huge fan of reality shows).

I finally come up with this look wich I’m going to explain you beneath step after step.



After applying my Nivea moisturising cream I applied the Rimmel wake me up foundation with a flat foundation brush all over my face, including my lips.

Then in my eyes I applied a dark brown eye-shadow in the crease and I blend it a lot. I also applied a lighter brown under my eyes. In the eyelid and the down part of the eyebrows I applied a light vanilla colour eye-shadow. Using the essence eyeliner I draw a thin line with little wing. Then I applied three coats of prestige lengthening effect mascaraΒ on the top and bottom eyelashes to have that false lashes effect (I’m not very fond of false eyelashes).

I contoured my face with bronzer, I applied it under my cheek bones and on my forehead. And I applied illuminating powder on my cheeks and the centre of my nose. Since I have thick eyebrows I didn’t need to filled them in.

On the lips I’m wearing the lipstick from Shuada in the colour rosewood, which is a natural pink. Of course you really need to overdraw your lips and if you want a plus of volume you can add a bit of gloss just in the centre of your lips.

I hope you liked this look and if you decide to try it yourself, please share it with me through twitter.

Please comment below what’s you favourite make up look at the moment?

xoxo Darly





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