A cute Halloween treat

Halloween is coming and today I want to show you a really cute, easy and cheap treat that you can do this Halloween. Actually one of my friends gave this to me (she knows I love Halloween) and I thought is was such a good idea that I would like to share it with you. All you have to do is buy a little pumpkin, you can find it in any supermarket and fill it in with Halloween themed candy, she decided to take pumpkins, fingers and worms.

Even though Halloween isn’t a typical festivity in Spain, it’s popularity is growing from year to year. When I was a little child there were onlyΒ a few of us who used to dress up. I remember dressing up as a witch, my mum used to draw a super cool spider net with glitter next to my eye. Then I used to go with a friend from house to house asking for candies. Right know I can’t do that but I can do another personal tradition which is watching Sleepy Hollow while I eat some candy.

Comment below: What is your favourite Halloween tradition?

XoXo Darly


6 thoughts on “A cute Halloween treat

  1. I love Halloween as well, I mean who doesn’t want free candy !!!
    My favorite Hw tradition is to watch Hocus Pocus as well and setup some coffee , cookies and other snacks in the drive way and talk to people as they come up for candy.


  2. I love Halloween too! We usually gather a bunch of friends, get in costume, get facepainted, and then go downtown to join other revelers. We give out candy to children and check out everyone’s costumes.


  3. Hi Darly,

    I am happy to know that people in other countries love Halloween. That is a big holiday here for our family. My mom goes crazy! We go to a fair and play games, eat tons of candy, go trick-or-treating, this year I am going to be Leia and my brother is going to be Luke from Star Wars, and we sometimes have a party. A good thing to do is make cupcakes with scary monster faces, they are fun and taste good. I like your blog, it is full of information.


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