College Comfortable

Nowadays girls who attend college put a lot of effort in going really trendy and fashionable to class.

In my opinion the most important thing is being comfortable. Since I’ve to spend six hours per day listening to formulas, operating with differential equations and basically going crazy (yes, I’m studding a Mathematics degree)  the last thing I want  think about is if my t-shirt moved and I’m showing to much cleavage, if my jeans are too tight or if my shoes are hurting me.

So today when I was choosing my clothes all I was thinking about is being comfortable. I decided to wear my  vintage crop top jumper (when I say vintage I mean it’s an old jumper from my mum, but vintage sounds much better), some high wasted shorts with the cosiest tights underneath and my infinity scarf. To finish my look I decided to wear the mos comfortable shoes in the world, I even call them my little piece of sky because when I wear them is like walking on the clouds…

















Infinity scarf: C & A          Shorts: H & M       Tights: Primark        Shoes: Callaghan      Jumper:”Vintage”





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