Oh… Those rainy days

It may sound weird but I absolutely love rainy days.

In fact one of my favourite sensations it’s related with rain. Whenever there is a heavy rain I like going out to my balcony with my soft blanket and a hot chocolate and I just listen. With each drop the world starts disappearing and my thoughts fly away. It’s really difficult to describe the feeling it’s almost magical.

So today when I realised it was raining I thought “finally!!”, run to my closet and bring out my water boots. I know they aren’t the most classy piece of clothing but they remind me when I was a little girl and I jumped with them in every puddle (Thing I still love doing from time to time, when no one is whatching me).

I decided to emphasise the back to childhood style wearing my E.T. t-shirt. When I was a child I looooved that film. My mum always reminds me when I told her “Mummy I want a pet like that”.

Rainy days really bring out the best out of me…

















T-shirt: Pull and Bear                      Legging:Zara                                Boots: Local shop





19 thoughts on “Oh… Those rainy days

  1. I love the outfit! It reminds me of the perfect college outfit you’d find on Pinterest 🙂 it seems like just one of those days where you would want to be super comfy in class but still look adorable and i’d have to say you nailed! I’m new to your blog but I look forward to exploring it!!!!

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  2. LUV the water boots! Wellies? BTW, it doesn’t sound weird that you love rainy days. I love them too! Have you heard the song ” Only Happy When It Rains” by Garbage?

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