Hello my lovely readers 🙂 How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you a mug cake inspired in the Tiffany’s jewellery boxes. I feel like these colours are perfect for a winter cake but the pattern looks really feminine and dainty. I feel like with this cake you can have a proper Breakfast at Tiffany’s haha (I know, it’s a terrible joke).


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Hello my lovely readers 🙂 Happy new year!!

I hope you I’ve had a lovely new year’s eve and that 2017 brings all your wishes and you achieve all your new year resolutions. Today I want to share with you a make up look that I wore yesterday on new year’s eve. I though it was the perfect day to try a new make up technique that’s a bit more out there than the make up I usually were. So I decided to wear a cut crease look. I’m really happy with how this look turned out and if you follow the following steps it’s not that hard.


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Hello my lovely readers 🙂 How’s everything going?

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while but that’s because I’ve been really busy with my classes and my internship. Two days ago it was my graduation, I’m so happy I could celebrate with my classmates, that we’ve got our Mathematics degree. It’s been a four year journey were I’ve had to work really hard, but I hope it will be worth it in the end. Today I want to share with you the make up I did for my graduation. It’a all based on warm colours that I think it flatters anyone.


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20 000 FOLLOWERS!!!!

Hello my super lovely readers  🙂 How’s everything going?

Today I get to celebrate with all of you that this blog has reached 20.000 subscribers. I can’t belive I’ve reached this number of followers. I want to thank all of you for all the love I’ve received through your comments, e-mails, likes, tweets… I feel like I have the nicest and sweetest readers, all your comments make me smile and encourage me to keep writing. I know this is being a bit too cheese haha, but I feel like this is the perfect post to express my feelings.


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